Chaos Bound
Book 1 of the Mist Warden series
When the going gets weird, the tough are useless. You need a geek.
Jessica Clarke is no superhero, and though she believes being smart, curious, and compassionate should be considered qualifications, society has yet to agree.

Her life in Coldwater is low-key and predictable, just the way she likes it. Her biggest worries are staying at the top of her classes and avoiding the popular crowd, but a change that will shake the world is already taking hold in her small town.

The death of a classmate kicks her out of her safe routine. Stalked by the supernatural killer, she’ll need to embrace the chaos in order to survive: Lying, stealing, invoking barely understood magic, and even crashing the popular crowd’s house party.

Abandoned by her friends and labeled a troublemaker, she’s determined to find a way to stop the killer, but at what cost?


Adriaan Brae

Rebecca Brae