Tips For Reviewing Books

As authors, we become embedded in the literary world. We’ve read hundreds of reviews and written scores. We forget sometimes that not all readers are this hard-core, and are a little trepidatious about dropping a review online.

What you may not know as a reader is how your review makes our books more visible to other readers. A certain number of reviews are required to enter promotional lists on Amazon and elsewhere (this bar keeps rising). Readers also say the total number of reviews (not the rating) is a primary factor in deciding to take a closer look at a book.


General Advice:

Honest: Be bluntly honest. Leave a review for other readers, not the author. If you don’t mention a problem you’re just setting another reader up for disappointment and potentially generating worse reviews for the author in future.

Fair: Try to evaluate the book thinking about that other reader. What do they need to know to choose this book over another (or not)? If there was something that bothered you, try to make it explicit, Eg:”There wasn’t enough romance for me” rather than “It was boring.” (Also, if you received a free book, an ARC or a review copy, it’s good practice to mention this at the start of the review.)

Size Doesn’t Matter: Make your review as long or short as it needs to be. If you have an essay in your heart inspired by the book, go ahead. If you just want to drop a quick note saying you enjoyed the read, go ahead. Generally positive reviews can be shorter because they don’t need to explain (Tolstoy effect).


Where To Leave Reviews:

The best place to leave a review is Amazon:

Amazon: Chaos Bound (.ca) (

Amazon: Curse Bound (.ca) (

Goodreads is also a great place to leave reviews:

Goodreads: Chaos Bound

Goodreads: Curse Bound

Links to other stores, both online and off, can be found on the book pages:

Chaos Bound

Curse Bound

Please also consider voting for our books on Goodreads lists. Readers often use these lists to find other books in a specific genre.

Duplicate Reviews: It is completely appropriate to duplicate your review across multiple stores/sites if you would like to reach a broader audience. For example: Reviews on Amazon local stores (ie. will not show up on


A Special Note on Cultural Awareness / Appropriation:

We want to represent multicultural societies in our writing, but we’re well aware that we can’t know everything there is to know about cultures outside of our European-Canadian upbringing. We’re bound to make mistakes. We encourage feedback in these areas and promise to take it as a learning experience.