Review: Minder Rising


If you love character driven romantic suspense, pick this one up! The female lead (Imara) and her good friend (Rayle) jump off the page. The male lead (Lièrén) takes a while to shine, but when he does, I think he’ll win your heart. Particularly since he finds a way to help the woman he’s fallen for _without_ taking over. Building on her strengths rather than flaunting his own. This is very refreshing to see.

This is a very sex-positive story but does not delve too far into ‘hot’ romance (which I appreciate – I’d rather focus on the romance, not the sex). I also appreciate the proper accenting of the pinyin used for Chinese names and dialog! (This is a pet-peeve of mine :) )

Minder Rising is the second book of the Central Galactic Concordance series by Carol Van Natta. You may want to start with the first book Overload Flux. Personally, I wanted to read #3 Pico’s Crush, but was advised to read Minder Rising first to get some background, and I’m glad I did.