A New Addition

Ellie of BraeVitae

There have been a few changes at BraeVitae lately, all related to this adorable, if somewhat demanding creature pictured above. Starting a family of our own has been our greatest wish for about ten years and last December a wonderful birth-mother chose us! We’re now the proud and slightly frazzled parents of Elizabeth (Ellie).

This is having a significant impact on our book release schedule.

We’re inching closer to completing The Witch’s Diary, now including some incredible illustrations created by our good friend Alison Tamko (also purveyor of fine Fantasy and SciFi inspired tea blends).

Part Time Girl and Mist Warden book 3 are on the back-burner for the moment. As we only have a few moments of baby free-time in a day, we’re going to work on a few short stories that we’ve been jonesing to write.


One thought on “A New Addition

  1. I am thrilled for you all to enjoy each other in this new family dynamic. Your wee bairn looks like a sweet heart. You two are the best parents she could ever ask for. Revel in those tender moments, new growth for you all is coming, and welcome to the world of parenthood!

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